Sunday, March 1, 2009

got sneakers?

When I was younger I used to wear sneakers a lot, but I totally converted to flats now. However, I miss wearing sneakers; especially when you have to walk cobblestone streets all day, like here in Maastricht, they are the most comfortable choice. So I started to search a great pair for Spring...
at Colette I saw these adorable Lanvin sneakers. Unfortunatelly, their price is slightly over the top...

Then, I also like these sleek new Converse Chucks...

Do you guys have any other ideas???

Pictures: Barneys NY,


  1. sehr cool die sneakers, hab sie auch schon in verschiedenen Geschäften gesehen - ein muss für den Sommer :-)

  2. owh that converse is sleek. I don't know much about sneakers :'( I've never worn a converse either! baah