Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday

This morning I came home to my parents after a long week of work, studies and late hour library sessions. So, it totally made my day to find some unexpected surprises waiting for me!

First, I got a package from my dearest friend Helena from New York! (Go check her lovely site:

She sent me these incredibly cute earings, which go perfectly with all of my outfits

And this really adorable NY souvenir. It shall remind me each day of the fact that I finally HAVE to plan my NY trip!!!

Then, my mom brought me some small gifts from Paris

It almost felt like Birthday today :)


  1. die ohringe und die glaskugel sind wirklich super cool...

  2. ahhh!! i'm happy you finally received them my darling. i have no doubt you'll be rocking those studs when i see you in paris! x