Thursday, February 26, 2009


I like Lindsay.
I really do, despite all the drama and scandals...
Perhaps, it's because I sometimes still think of her as the cute little redhead, she used to be when she starred in the Parent trap, playing the twins Hallie and Annie (one of my favourite movies, when I was a kid)...
or perhaps it's because I feel empathy with her. After all, growing up is not always easy, in particular when you're always in the spotlight and don't get any support at home...
well, I think Lindsay is a special girl. That is why I really like these pictures by Hedi Slimane: Lindsay looks flirty but also fragile and really beautiful in her own way!

Pictures: Hedi Slimane

pretty & punk

I'm so busy that I can hardly catch up on all the Fashion shows, which were shown in NY and London...and there is also Milan FW starting today...I don't even know where to star!
So I just post some Luella looks, cause I love Luella, each season again!!
This time I particularly like all the cute gold details and the zippers...and it's great that each model has a unique styling.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Alaaf you

It's Carnival and in Cologne the celebrations are huge! It practically means six days of partying, dressing up, drinking beer (not so my favourite) and having fun with good old friends.
For me Carnival turned out to be sweet and short this year. I went partying on Thursday, but got ill shortly after:(
Well, on the day I actually went out, I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, with a black tulle skirt, little tailored jacket, lots of bows and pearl necklaces, my "customized" Chucks and my black "Minnie ears".

Voila, the result:

It was a really fun day...
Alaaf to all of you!

red carpet, white dresses

The major trend at this year's Oscar night seems to be about creamy white, strapless dresses. These ladies' choices are just fabulous:

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab Haute Couture

Jessica Biel in a sculptural Prada dress

Penelope Cruz in a princess like vintage Balmain circa 1950

I also really liked Natalie Portman in a girlie pink Rodarte dress.



I LOVE this girl. She is really THE London girl par excellence: quirky, rock-chic, ├╝ber-cool...

Thanks to Garance for taking this amazing picture of her - Alexa's outfit is totally stunning!

Picture: Garance Dore

Saturday, February 21, 2009

go for Pompons

I'm telling you, forget beanie & co, next winter it's all gonna be about pompon covered knit hats a la Diane von Furstenberg!! I so need one of these for winter, to keep me warm, while looking super stylish!
Diane's whole A/W 09 collection was just superbe! I like how she mixes patterns and fabrics and interprets the whole ethno theme, which was already huge for Spring 09, in a winterly way. All her pieces seem super cozy, yet elegant and chic.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Luella's big sis

Erin Fetherson showed a truely wonderful collection in New York. In contrast to her usual flowy dresses, she incorporated a lot of structure and pulled off bell-shaped skirts with little tailored jackets, while keeping her very personal "fairy tale" touch.
All in all, the collection reminded me a lot of the Luella girl. Just more grown-up, polished and sophisticated!
Compare it yourself: Luella from past three seasons vs. Erin Fetherson A/W 09.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bloc Party concert

I just came back from the Bloc Party concert and I had a great time!! The boys were so adorable with their British accent, trying to speak some German, and all the songs were so much better in live! I made some videos, but they're really bad instead I'm just showing you my outfit of tonight.

I'm wearing Zara shorts and jacket, Armed Angels T-shirt and Prego boots.
Ohh, and of course in real "groupi" spirit I had to buy one of their T-shirts:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carine and Rachel...

...backstage at Marc Jacobs.

Picture: Jeremy Kost for Fashionista

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the Wang girl...

...kind of seems more grown-up. Wang does more tailoring, structure, luxury like fur elements and crocodile pattern. Despite all sophistication, the Wang girl stays true to herself: sexy, fierce and just enough rock'n'roll. I LIKE it!


Rag & Bone A/W 09

This collection is one of my very personal favourites from NY Fashion Week until now. Each piece is cool, edgy, full of energy, yet wearble. I could totaly see myself in these clothes, which seem to follow the theme of an urban warrior girl, as puts it.