Monday, February 23, 2009

Alaaf you

It's Carnival and in Cologne the celebrations are huge! It practically means six days of partying, dressing up, drinking beer (not so my favourite) and having fun with good old friends.
For me Carnival turned out to be sweet and short this year. I went partying on Thursday, but got ill shortly after:(
Well, on the day I actually went out, I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, with a black tulle skirt, little tailored jacket, lots of bows and pearl necklaces, my "customized" Chucks and my black "Minnie ears".

Voila, the result:

It was a really fun day...
Alaaf to all of you!


  1. du siehst so sympathisch aus und ein hübsches Gesicht hast du :-)

  2. sieht nich nur sympathisch aus... ;-)

  3. ladies, don't make me blush:)

  4. That is soo cute, the tulle skirt is great!

  5. ...ich schließe mich an - eine sympathische Frau in einem stylo-Kostüm.