Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mothers & Daughters

On this Valentine's day I want to make a post about a very special relationship: the one between mothers and daughters!
A mother is a crucial person in a young girl's life, giving her a role model of the women she wants to become eventually. In turn, a daughter might challenge her mother to keep young in the inside. It is for sure a mutual giving and taking, a constant learning process for both, which might develop into a great friendship in the course of life.
I am very fascinated by this mother-daughter bond! This is why I just love the advertising concept of Comptoir des Cotonniers. Each season they call for mother-daughter castings and select pairs to represent their brand. It is such a perfect idea to convey a brand image by showing beauty across generations!
Here I scanned you some pages of the current fall/winter catalogue:

Some other gorgeous mothers & daughters:

Carine & Julia

Caroline & Charlotte

Mother & daughter captured on the street by the Satorialist

And of course there are still the super cool moms with their mini look-alikes...:)

Emanuelle Alt and her daughter

Katie & Suri

Pictures: TFS, Jak&Jil, the Satorialist

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  1. Oh, I also love this ad from Comptoir.
    I really can say that my mother is my best friend. We alwasy say that we are twins in mind, we only have an age difference of 29 years.