Thursday, February 26, 2009


I like Lindsay.
I really do, despite all the drama and scandals...
Perhaps, it's because I sometimes still think of her as the cute little redhead, she used to be when she starred in the Parent trap, playing the twins Hallie and Annie (one of my favourite movies, when I was a kid)...
or perhaps it's because I feel empathy with her. After all, growing up is not always easy, in particular when you're always in the spotlight and don't get any support at home...
well, I think Lindsay is a special girl. That is why I really like these pictures by Hedi Slimane: Lindsay looks flirty but also fragile and really beautiful in her own way!

Pictures: Hedi Slimane


  1. I completely agree!!! Linds is a "mean girl" but she is also not the ordinary Hollywood gal pretending to be perfect 24/7...She rocks!

  2. I loved her in Parent Trap as well! She clearly has talent, I just hope she uses it instead of scandals or body to appeal to the media. (I did cut the skirt ;) it's a bit short though methinks!)