Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy B-day Barbie

Today, it's Barbie's 50th Birthday, and after all these years she still looks stunning and remains a best-seller.
Barbie has always been very controversial concering her adequateness as a kids toy and the distorted image of women she is said to convey.
As for me, I had lots of Barbies, perhaps 40 or so, and 3 Kens and the Jeep, the dream house, and countless outfits....:) and after all I would not consider myself as having been taught a wrong beauty ideal. What I actually want to say is that Barbie is fun and I always enjoyed having them. I guess on the weekend I have to get my old Barbie box out of the basement:)

As you can see below, Barbie experienced quite a developement since her early days...

That's the first Barbie in her striped swimsuit. (Ken used to look so different, too!)
I guess, that's the Barbie of my era with a huge fringe, bright make-up and all the funky outfits:)

Well and that's today's Barbie with perfect hair and smokey eyes.
These are some of the Designers' versions of Barbie:

Calvin Klein

Anna Sui

And recently Karl styled and photographed some Barbies. They can be admired in form of a little exibition at Colette in Paris from today until March 15.



  1. It's sooo good... genialer post!!! Ist das echt schon 50 Jahre her?
    Das dritt letzte Bild ist ein absoluter Traum :-)

  2. I adore barbies.. I used to have such a huge collection but hmm I think I'm liking the ones with new smokey eyes and perfect hair!

  3. i used to love playing with barbies so much
    i never thought they were "bad" for children!

  4. i never came across such a beautiful barbie doll's clothes

  5. Playing with Barbies are one of my clearest and most beloved childhood memories. Lovely post!