Monday, January 26, 2009

Wanna play dress-up...?

...then just take a look at Luella spring girls for some funny, cute ideas:

mix up bright colours and flower prints, go for bows, brooches, nets in the hair, lots of pearl necklaces, little gloves...just overload!!!

Pictures: Dazed Digital


  1. very girly :) or like puppets,
    i like the white skin, looks cute
    kiss, sarah

  2. luella is so great at playful girliness in their collections! and just a few months ago their theme was witches! how playful :D thanks so much for your comment <3, I really wanted that Nokia in your header, is it nice to use :'(? I resorted to Blackberry because T-mobile didn't stock them at that time!

  3. Wunderschön der Farbenrausch, eine große Palette voll Bonbons, Schleifen scheinen wohl en vogue zu sein. Wann kommt der Frühling ?

  4. Ui, das sind ja ein paar süße Dinger! So bunt, so puppig. ♥ Dotti

  5. I love the Luella Kollektion! So schöne Farben, Stoffe und Accessoires!