Sunday, January 18, 2009

Teen is hot

Although I am not technically a teenie anymore, I buy Teen Vogue each month! I like the girlie vibe of the magazine, plus they have the best editorials! Don't get me wrong: I very much appreciate the work of the "grown-up" Vogues, their editorials are real pieces of art and I could delve into them for hours...still sometimes I find it hard to adopt what I see to my own personal style. The very fresh editorials of Teen Vogue, instead, usually inspire me in a very practical way, I always find a combination I would immediately want to try out for myself!

Just take this January's issue: the editorial shown below is just lovely with its washed out denims, pastel colours, liberty-print florals and messy hair. Somehow, it reminds me vaguely of Burberry SS09, yet styled in a very easy, young and playful way.

One last thought: maybe I keep on reading Teen Vogue as some kind of unconscious defense from growing older...?

Nooo - I think it's rather due to the fabulous Teen-Voguettes and the great work they put into each single issue!!
Team Teen Vogue

Pictures: the Satorialist, scans by myself

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  1. Ha ha! I just LOVE Teen Vogue even though I´m way past my teenage times...Thank God! But Teen Vogue is just more FUN!