Thursday, January 15, 2009

Princess Tam Tam

In my opinion a great look begins with what you wear first: the right lingerie gives you self-confidence and makes you feel good and flirty! My personal favourites are the pieces from Princess Tam Tam. They are so cute and charming and very sexy in a sublime way! Next to lingerie, Princess Tam Tam also offers swim- and home wear.

Zum Glück gibt es die süßen Läden von Princess Tam Tam nicht mehr nur in Frankreich, sondern auch in Deutschland:
Berlin - Neue Schönhauserstr. 16
Hamburg - Monckebergstr. 7
Köln - Mittelstr. 12-14

Princess Tam Tam is in sales right now - I just got these two lovely pyjama pants...
So don't waste time and visit one of their boutiques!!!

Pictures: Princess Tam Tam

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