Monday, January 26, 2009

Should we skip summer...?

The pre-fall looks, which belong to the designers' more accessible and wearable in-between collections, are all around. Some of them are so pretty, I would wanna wear them right now!
One of the most covered ones and also one of my favourites is the pre-fall collection by Balenciaga, which is said to be already a good indication for the actual fall collection (can't wait to see it!). I just love the slouchy trousers and fur elements!

Voila, two other collections, which I really like and would immediately wear:
A. Wang is more about the cool and sleek gal...

...whereas Chloe is girly, charming and romantic as always!



  1. Oh dear, I would like to skip Summer for this collection! :)

  2. Wow you are right, all of these looks are amazing, almost want to skip right into next fall.

  3. Toll, ganz mein Geschmack :-)