Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tee time

Currently, I'm obsessed with t-shirts. I just got this new one from Star Styling: Rest in Peace Yves Saint Laurent. It's slightly oversized and goes perfectly with skinny jeans or leggins, love it!
Then, I am also a big fan of the 5 Preview shirts. They are having a new collaboration with the Swedish shop Weekday and selling these two tees. Unfortunatelly, there are just available in Scandinavia...

Alternatively, there is still the classy Via Cavour t-shirt from 5 Preview, which can be ordered via their blog. However, I am not sure if it is still available...

I also really like this T-shirt by blogger Danny Roberts with the Girls in Glasses...

... and of course the good old Save Anna tee from Christopher LeeSauve...

Pictures: 5preview.blogspot, igorandandre.blogspot, christopherleesauve.com


  1. wo kriegt man denn das rip ysl shirt her? und das y5l und chanel?? hoffentl gibts die noch irgendwo... :)

  2. also das rip ysl habe ich in köln by punk couture gekauft, war aber auch das letzte. Ich denke man kann die shirts aber auf deren seite ordern: www.startsyling.net. für die 5 preview shirts sollte man sich mal deren blog anschauen: http://5preview.blogspot.com!!

  3. Great shirts!
    I also love it to where them oversized!
    I'm curious of an outfit picture with your new tee! :)

  4. am liebsten würde ich alle 6 kaufen, sie sind alle soo cool...